Jade Jewelry

Nephrite Jade Jewelry

What is B.C. Jade?

"BC Jade" is nephrite jade mined in British Columbia Canada.

Where in B.C. is the Jade Mined?

The rough stone is mined primarily in the north west part of the province.

What Color is B.C. Jade?

Nephrite is a silicate of calcium and magnesium and ranges in color from white through various shades of green and on occasion even black. Typically, the jade in British Columbia is a medium to deep green color. Example of color can be seen in the picture below.

How is Jewelry made from B.C. Jade?

Due to the hardness of the stone jade must be laboriously carved by a lengthy procedure of cutting, grinding and polishing by a skilled artisan.Once the jade is cut an polished to the artisan's satisfaction it is usually set an an inlay or hung as a full sculpting of jade. Example of a hand carved bear sculpture pendant as a necklace can be seen in the picture below.

Where can I buy B.C. Jade Jewelry?

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