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Treasures Kamloops

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12-700 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops, BC V2B 3H9
Phone:  +1 250-376-4643
Email: sales@TreasuresOnline.ca

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  • Who are we?

    • We are a family owned gift store based out of Kamloops B.C. Canada. You can find us listed here among Kamloops businesses.
    • Our business started in 1996 as "Southern Connections" with importing gift ware, jewelry, and native products.
    • When we expanded to our retail store we took on the name "Treasures" and have been doing business as "Treasures" ever since.
  • Why we sell the items we do?

    • We sell gifts because we enjoy the response from our customers to the unique and interesting products we have. You can always find something great for that special someone.
    • Our indigenous heritage is Cherokee, so we enjoy supporting Native American designers. The native designed items are something we find unique and beautiful.
    • We sell unique jewelry such as glacier pearle, Canada jade, gold, and hematite because it allows anyone to be able to afford beautiful jewelry at a great price.
    • Most the items we sell are because someone has requested them or because it was something that appealed to us and we hoped you would like it too.
  • How long we have been running our online shop?

  • How can I help Treasures get noticed?

    • If you would like to help us you can leave a nice rating on our google business profile, link to our online store from your website, join our social media, or just spread the word to your friends. We read every comment and appreciate the time you took to rate us and leave a comment. We try to add some of the nicer comments and ratings to our testimonials page as a thank you.
  • Thank you!

    • We thank you for stopping by Treasures. If your in Kamloops, BC, Canada, stop by our store for many more items that are not available online.